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Your fresh Sunday Market from 6:00 am to 11:30 am at Robina State High School


Elevate your plate with fresh and locally sourced produce


About Robina Farmers Market

At Robina Farmers Market, we are passionate about bringing the freshest and highest quality produce to our community. Our market is a place where local farmers and producers come together to sell their products directly to our community. We believe in supporting local businesses and promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Visit us and experience the warm and multicultural atmosphere of our market.


We seek farmers' market stallholders who align with our dedication to sustainability, offering locally sourced, chemical-free, and diverse products. Prioritising eco-friendly practices, we minimise packaging waste and endorse fair trade. We value inventive offerings that enhance the market experience, where passion for farming contributes to exceptional quality. Encouraging vendors to connect with customers fosters a sense of community. By embracing these values, our stallholders play a vital role in cultivating a market beyond commerce, a gathering place for sustainable living, agricultural appreciation, and genuine community connections. If you're a devoted and inventive vendor sharing these principles, join our farmers' market community and contribute to its thriving essence.


Harvesting freshness, cultivating community.

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